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Success is a journey, not a destination.

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HENSEX Securities provides a bouquet of services….

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Commodities are physical product that has some….

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Derivatives are financial securities whose value or price is derived….

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Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds help you to diversify your portfolio. By carefully….

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About The Organization

“Success is a journey, not a destination.” If we look for examples to prove this quote then we can find many, but there is none like that of HENSEX. Back in the year 2000, four people created history by establishing the firm HENSEX, which is today known as HENSEX Securities, the fastest growing financial service provider of Jodhpur & India.

HENSEX Since 2000

This adaptive approach is at the heart of our culture. We challenge, support and engage with you to create value through successful transformation.


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About Hisab-Kitab

Welcome to Hensex Online Back Office

Our Back Office gives you online access to all your global reports, financial statements, live reports of your trading and investments. An investor can access below reports:

  • Client Dashboard

  • Customer Profile

  • Portfolio

  • Reports

  • Holding

  • Net Position

  • Calculator

  • Trade Book (Global Reports)

  • Financial Ledger (Accounting Statement)

  • Contract notes (Your daily bills)

  • P&L reports (Your Capital Gain/Loss Statements)

  • Fund withdrawal requests (Access to your Pool Balance)

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If you interested in opening free demat account, equity trading, mutual fund investments or other financial services kindly contact us. We thrive in the midst of tough, high-stakes challenge …