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Welcome to Hensex Securities Pvt Ltd

Hensex Securities Pvt Ltd is a financial services company. Originally, a proprietary trading company we ventured into stock-broking in 2019 and have since steadily expanded our presence across India. With almost 10k+ clients as our base, we have a wide presence across India in cities of Jodhpur, Jaipur, Vadodara, Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

At our proprietary trading desk, we utilize cutting edge analytics and proprietary tools to develop systematic strategies that exploit market inefficiencies and generate consistent alpha. We are also a SEBI-Registered research analyst providing research to our clients on various companies and industries. Feel free to check our previous recommendations.

Our People

Hemanshu Vyas

Mr. Hemanshu Vyas

Mr. Hemanshu is the founder and CEO at Hensex Securities. He started Hensex as a proprietary trading firm in 2000, focusing primarily on systemic algorithmic trading. After deep-expertise in deriving alpha for almost 20 years, he proceeded to establish the broking division in 2019, with a vison to create a financial conglomerate offering all financial solutions to clients under in a single institution. Mr. Hemanshu holds a B.Tech in Electronics from VIT, Pune.

Varsha Vyas

Dr. Varsha Vyas

Dr. Varsha is the chief investment officer at Hensex Securities. A double post graduate, she first pursued medicine and became a gynecologist. After practicing for a decade, she pursued her MBA in finance and joined Hensex to help the CEO in all trading and investing related decisions. Today, Dr. Varsha oversees the proprietary trading and investing divisions, and also manages the CSR activities at Hensex.

Akshay Vyas

Mr. Akshay Vyas

Mr. Akshay heads the proprietary systemic trading and investing division as well as the research division at Hensex. Mr. Akshay’s expertise in computer science, finance and mathematics have allowed Hensex to create cutting edge trading technologies that give the company an unparalleled edge in alpha generation. Mr. Akshay pursued his bachelors in finance from SP Jain, Sydney and his post-graduation in quantitative finance from Singapore Management University.

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